Let us run with endurance the race that is set before us.   Hebrews 12:1
  • Boys' Soccer

  • Girls' Volleyball

  • Girls’ Basketball

  • Boys’ Basketball

  • Cheer

  • Boys’/Girls’ Track

  • Girls Soccer (if enough interest)

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Participation Fee for GCS Students is $100/sport, per athlete.


Homeschool Students are welcome. Homeschool Participation Fee is $150/sport, per athlete.


Athetics As A Ministry
  • Our coaches are sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit and prays for our athletes to develop a deeper desire for the things of Christ. They also understand the great opportunity for active ministry as opponents, fans, and members of the community are watching to see if there is a difference in the Christian athlete. Our coaches are used for God’s work in the lives of the athletes of whom they have been entrusted and are ambassadors for Christ in our athletic community.​

Athetics And God's Word
  • Our coaches view athletics as an arena for teaching the principles of God’s Word.  Athletes are confronted with many types of situations that run parallel to life situations. These become perfect opportunities for teaching biblical principles. Our coaches biblically direct athletes to build Christ-like character qualities and encourage the athletes to express these qualities openly through their sport. Ultimately, their primary goal is to build eternal values in our athletes and, therefore, stress attitudes and actions in relation to God’s Word.  Athletics is a microcosm of life.  Athletics is life in miniature and the our coaches is the leader.

Athetics And God's Glory
  • Our coaches understand the importance of winning from God’s perspective. While many hours are spent strategizing to help our team win games, our coaches anticipate winning a lot more than just games. Christian coaches understand that true victory only comes when athletes please the Lord with their effort, attitudes, and actions. Examples of victory include athletes demonstrating the fruits of the Spirit during normal and stressful situations, seeing team members develop a deep desire for the things of Christ, or having an athlete share their faith with boldness to teammates and opponents. Our coaches want our athletes to desire to please the Lord over people, and to catch the vision that our Lord attends every athletic event as their primary audience.

Coaches are stewards of the many athletes of which the families have entrusted us. Our coaches have been divinely placed as an extension of the family. It is, therefore, important for them to be sensitive to our athletes as it relates to family and church activities. Although there are consequences for certain absences or choices, our coaches always handle situations with consistency and the best interest of the athlete in mind.